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blorgs are good blorgs got no discord blorgs got no roadmap blorgs got no utility blorgs are good!

Mint: 0.03 SOL
Supply: 3333
Twitter: @blorgs_nft

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Punks Not Dead Yet

Step into the digital rebellion of  Punks Not Dead Yet , a groundbreaking NFT collection proudly crafted by the creative minds at KUIOLabs on Solana Blockchain. In a world of 24x24 pixelated wonders, this collection introduces 10000 unique PFPs, that redefine the boundaries of pixel art, portraying punks as seasoned warriors, resilient against the sands of time. ​ The aging punks featured in  Punks Not Dead Yet  are a testament to the enduring flame of individuality. These characters...

Mint: 0.4 SOL
Supply: 10000
Twitter: @PNDY_NFT

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A Studio Ghibli inspired project coming in 2024. \ A new era of exploration dawns on the Endless Ocean. For centuries, the storm known as Titan's Wall has raged to the east of the Thirteen Lands. But it has begun to clear, unveiling uncharted islands as numerous as grains of sand. It is a hidden paradise of new perils and new wonders — a New World. The wheels of destiny are in motion. Adventurers from every class and creed have embarked on journeys into the unknown, eager to pen a...

Mint: TBA
Supply: TBA
Twitter: @Pathfinders__