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Punks Not Dead Yet

March 7 | 3:32 PM UTC

Punks Not Dead Yet

Step into the digital rebellion of  Punks Not Dead Yet , a groundbreaking NFT collection proudly crafted by the creative minds at KUIOLabs on Solana Blockchain. In a world of 24×24 pixelated wonders, this collection introduces 10000 unique PFPs, that redefine the boundaries of pixel art, portraying punks as seasoned warriors, resilient against the sands of time. ​ The aging punks featured in  Punks Not Dead Yet  are a testament to the enduring flame of individuality. These characters bear the marks of life’s journey, embracing the wrinkles and lines as badges of honor. Old, but far from defeated, they stand as symbols of resilience and unyielding spirit. ​ In a digital twist, a select few punks from this collection have transcended into the realm of blockchain as ghosts. These spectral figures add an ethereal layer to the project, embodying the notion that the punk spirit, in some form, will forever roam the digital landscape.    KUIOLabs bring a fresh perspective to the NFT space, fusing art and technology to create a collection that challenges expectations and invites enthusiasts to explore the stories within each pixel.  Punks Not Dead Yet  is more than a series of NFTs; it’s a narrative that unfolds pixel by pixel, inviting you to engage with the timeless tale of rebellion and tenacity. ​ Join us on this pixelated journey where the punk spirit echoes through the digital corridors.  Punks Not Dead Yet  beckons you to embrace the imperfections, celebrate the aging rebels, and revel in the unique narratives woven into every 24×24 canvas.

Mint: 0.4 SOL
Supply: 10000
Twitter: @PNDY_NFT


March 7
3:32 PM UTC
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