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Star Atlas: CORE Act 2 Ep 1

19 July 2023 | 7:00 PM UTC

Star Atlas: CORE Act 2 Ep 1

Near death experiences. Fugitives of the law. A crackpot machine who may kill us all. The first leg of the Core journey has been jam packed with twists & turns from our fear-full-of-fun crew. But now, as we have departed Mondra 7, there is truly only one question that remains… Is Timpo’s time vortex device real, or will the crew led by Gyun and Moda have their minds fold into oblivion as they attempt to pierce the vail of the time dilation barrier? However, the carnage that was left behind is not so easily forgotten by those who remain as a new threat prepares to find justice by hunting down Gyun, Timpo and Moda.Time is no friend of stagnation as the clock is running out on our rag tag band of misfit. Leaving only the brave, or the insane on a collision course with history.

Mint: TBA
Supply: TBA
Twitter: @staratlas


19 July 2023
7:00 PM UTC
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