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Sol Bones

March 22 | 12:00 AM UTC

Sol Bones

SOL Bones represents a limited collection of 1,000 unique NFTs, meticulously crafted and set to be minted on the Solana blockchain. This pixel art collection is not only a trove of pixel artistry but also a testament to a deflationary model—where 100% of the accrued royalties are strategically reinvested to repurchase and permanently retire (burn) NFTs from the circulation. The project transcends mere ownership; it is an initiative deeply rooted in cultivating distinctive identities for each NFT. Accompanied by an exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) pack, the NFTs empower their holders with a suite of bespoke branding tools and an IP certification. This empowers owners with unparalleled freedom to leverage their NFTs commercially, paving the way for boundless creativity and entrepreneurial ventures. By fostering this level of customisation and control, SOL Bones is setting a new paradigm for value and versatility in the NFT space.

Mint: 0.5 SOL
Supply: 1000
Twitter: @JohnnySolBones


March 22
12:00 AM UTC
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