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27 April 2023 | 12:00 AM UTC


The PLEYVERSE E-SaaS comprises a diverse array of distinctive digital assets – digital certificates residing on both Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Each certificate possesses a digital twin, offering numerous functionalities. The initial utility accompanying digital asset ownership is access to the PLEYVERSE library, which houses a wealth of educational learning modules. Asset owners receive ownership rights and a sponsorship emblem.The sponsorship feature is among the most valuable utilities of the collection, as it facilitates learning for other students, particularly those in K-12 institutions. Owners who complete the learning modules are awarded completion badges. This collection emphasizes ownership, learning, and collaboration in an enjoyable, welcoming, and accessible manner. Our objective is to empower over 10,000 classroom learners this summer.

Mint: TBA
Supply: 10000
Twitter: @plantnogram


27 April 2023
12:00 AM UTC
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