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Lion Avenger

14 June 2023 | 12:00 AM UTC

Lion Avenger

Once upon a time, peace and harmony reigned in the animal world. However, with the advent of humans, everything changed. People began to hunt wild animals for meat, skin and other valuables. But there was one lion who could not just look at how people kill animals. He was strong and cunning, and he decided to fight back the poachers. Leo put on a stylish suit and took a gun in his hand. It has become a symbol of the protection of wild animals and nature in general. The avenging lion became a real legend, and his story began to take on a life of its own. His image became so popular that some artists began to create a collection of nft in his honor. The collection included 5000 pieces of nft. People who bought NFTs with the image of the avenging lion knew that they help protect wild animals. Part of the proceeds from the sale of oil went to charity. Thus, the avenging lion became not only a symbol of the protection of nature, but also a means for its preservation. Story

Mint: TBA
Supply: 5,000
Twitter: @zhandosnft


14 June 2023
12:00 AM UTC
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