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Angels and Demons

14 December 2023 | 10:59 PM UTC

Angels and Demons

Before the cosmic dance gave life to all living things there was a realm, pure, holy and undreamed of. Unheard for a milennia, a glimpse of this unreachable land has managed to reveal itself to a few mortals by way of an enchanting dream. These degens also known as (NFT Holders) are a special group of mortals whom have been uniquely selected by the high heavens and the powers of the underworld to embark on an epic adventure and discover the truths behind an ancient prophecy. Such prophecy is not yet fully understood but legend has it, that anyone brave enough to step into the realm of angels and demons will harness such power that even the blockchain will cower at their feet! Will you heed the call mortal… After all you have been chosen by a higher power you are yet to comprehend!

Mint: 0.25 SOL
Supply: 6666
Twitter: @AngelDemonNFTs


14 December 2023
10:59 PM UTC
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